The Board of Directors affirms that the Company is a Public Interest Entity (“PIE”) as defined by the Financial Reporting Act 2004. The Board has followed the guidance notes of the National Code of Corporate Governance of Mauritius 2016 (“the Code”) and strives to be as transparent and complete as possible in its disclosures and reporting requirements. This report outlines the Company’s governance framework under the Code and provides explanations for any deviation from its recommendations.

Governance Structure

The Board

Statement of Accountabilities

The Board is responsible for leading and controlling the organisation and meeting all legal and regulatory requirements. It is accountable for the performance and affairs of the Currimjee Jeewanjee and Company Limited (the “Company”) and for achieving growth in a sustainable manner. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the Company adheres to high standards of ethical behaviour and acts in the best interest of Shareholders.

The Board operates within a defined governance framework, through effective delegation, to established Board Committees, each having formal terms of reference, and management functions with clear lines of responsibilities, as set out in the chart below. This enables the Board to discharge its duties more effectively.

The Terms of Reference of each of the Board Committees provide for a review thereof on an annual basis. The Board has, at its Meeting held on 10 April 2019, adopted a Board Charter (“Charter”), which is available for consultation on the Company’s website
The Company has a Code of Conduct, which ensures that the Directors and officers of the Company are clear on the ethical, behavioural and professional standards they are expected to adhere to. The Code of Conduct is available for consultation on the Company’s website