In addition to this difficult and challenging environment, the Group was faced with disruptive technologies within the ICT sector. In this context, the performance of CJ is even more rewarding. Our financial performance in 2018 showed a noticeable improvement compared to 2017. 

Overall Context

2018 was a two-edged year for the Mauritian economy. In a turbulent global environment with heightened volatility and larger risks, the Mauritian economy was boosted by increased consumption, increased public sector investment and an increase in consumer confidence to achieve a very respectable performance.

However, at the same time, different economic strains were visible and became more apparent as the year progressed. The sugar and textile sectors faced very serious challenges and the tourism sector showed signs of a slowdown towards the end of the year. The current account deficit continues to widen year-on-year and our national debt is also worsening. These two macroeconomic indicators need to be addressed so as to avoid further strain on the economy.

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2018: Rs 4.87 billion
2017: Rs 4.47 billion

Operating profit

2018: Rs 827 million
2017: Rs 590* million

* This amount excludes exceptional profit realised on sale of quoted shares amounting to MUR205M in 2017.


2018: Rs 421 million
2017: Rs 440 million